India’s first WhatsApp enabled e-commerce platform

This platform saw 30 competing startups work together for home delivery of essentials in Bengaluru. Every retailer in the city was mapped and around 10,000 delivery executives were involved in this initiative. The Homeline was the result of a partnership with some of Bengaluru’s best tech talent like Kaleyra, [24]7.ai., Cartoon Mango-ITW Consulting, Elephant Ear Consulting, iSPIRT, Dunzo, Swiggy, Rapido, Shadowfax, PharEasy, and Spotcare. Big Bazaar, StoreSe, shopG, Clover Ventures, and NinjaCart all delivered groceries and fruits to households and apartments. Housejoy and Let’s Be The Change organisations helped bring the process together. It enabled 17,059 orders to be received on WhatsApp and 14,049 orders being successfully delivered. More than 30,000 people were able to avail the benefit of this facility in Bengaluru with support from 16,000+ retail stores.