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The MP will be your voice in Parliament, raising issues of local, state and national importance in the law-making temple of the country. Whether it’s related to addressing the city’s start-up ecosystem, education schemes, suburban rail system, poor infrastructure or anything else, an MP should look into whatever policy interventions are possible within the framework of the MP’s responsibilities. This new forum, the Sansad Dhvani, is a platform where the public can meet the MP and discuss the strategies and policies that are required for the development of the constituency, state and country. With regular meetings throughout the year, the Sansad Dhvani invites public participation to review, scrutinize, debate and arrives at solutions on key issues that are hindering our progress. Come participate and lend your voice to the MP!

Sansad Dhvani is a platform launched by Shri Tejasvi Surya, the MP of Bengaluru South, with the vision of bringing national policy-making discussions closer to the citizens of Bengaluru.

The inaugural event saw eminent educationists like TV Mohandas Pai and Dr MK Sridhar discuss the Draft National Education Policy 2019 along with Tejasvi Surya.

The second session, which was on the Union Budget, saw Tejasvi Surya discuss the particulars of the Union Budget with financial expert Shri Guru Prasad. They spoke on the impact of the budget on the day-to-day lives of the citizens, and outlined the futuristic and visionary trait of this budget in making India a 5-trillion-dollar economy.

Sansad Dhvani

2nd Sansad Dhvani - BUDGET 2020

Guru Prasad Speech at 2nd Sansad Dhvani on BUDGET 2019-20

Tejasvi Surya Speech at 2nd Sansad Dhvani on BUDGET 2019-20

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