Reforming The BBMP Bed Booking Software

Shri Tejasvi Surya exposed the irregularities in the BBMP bed booking software. Apart from merely identifying and pointing out the loopholes, the MP also stepped up to bring in reforms so that no citizen has to suffer looking for a hospital bed. Within a span of 100 hours, a team led by the MP and tech volunteers from Shri Nandan Nilekani’s eGovernance Foundation, iSpirt and Fractal AI delivered key reforms to better the BBMP Bed allocation system. Some of the important reforms are:

  1. Queueing system for bed allocation based on criticality & position; 
  2. Removal of ‘manual unblock’ feature which was misused to hoard & reassign beds which lead to the portal showing zero availability of beds;
  3. Creation of individual-specific logins with two-factor authentication; 
  4. Updating of admission, upgrading, downgrading & discharge of patients by Health Department & Arogya Mitras to ensure accuracy in real-time availability of beds.